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At Radiant Revival Aesthetics & Weight Loss Clinic, we offer Peptide Therapy to boost your performance and well-being. Our carefully selected peptides are designed to provide multiple benefits, including increased lean muscle growth, improved workout stamina and recovery, enhanced fat processing, elevated energy levels, and accelerated healing. Discover how peptide therapy can help you achieve your health and performance goals.



There is a critical need for new mechanism-of-action drugs that reduce the burden of obesity, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, kidney disease, metabolic disorders, and other associated chronic metabolic comorbidities.

Nicotinamide-N-methyltransferase (NNMT), is a cytosolic enzyme with newly identified roles in cellular metabolism and energy homeostasis. Studies indicate that this enzyme slows down the process at which our bodies metabolize fat cells. Most people have a hard time losing weight, and when this enzyme is elevated, they have a more challenging time trying to lose excess pounds of fat. The extra weight leads to an increase in the NNMT enzyme, leading to slower fat metabolism, leading to excess weight gain. It is a vicious cycle. Research suggests a potent NNMT inhibitor “5-amino-1mq” significantly reduced body weight and white adipose mass decreased adipocyte size and lowered plasma total cholesterol levels.

These results support the development of small molecule NNMT inhibitors as therapeutics to reverse diet-induced obesity and validate NNMT as a viable target to treat obesity and related metabolic conditions.


  • NNMT inhibitors as therapeutics to reverse diet-induced obesity.
  • NNMT is a viable target to treat obesity and related metabolic conditions.
  • Prevent adipogenesis and reverse diet-induced obesity. NNMT expression is up-regulated in the white adipose tissue (WAT). It has significantly higher activity in the WAT than its activity in the brown adipose tissue, liver, and lungs.
  • NNMT inhibitors did not impact food intake. Still, it produced marked reductions in body weight, WAT mass, adipocyte size, and cholesterol levels with negligible …(this is where the text ended in the given copy)…

Tesofensine Phase 2 Study Results

The clinical Phase 2b trial reported in The Lancet showed levels of weight loss over a six-month period. Patients lost an average of 28.2lbs on a 1 mg dose, 24.9 on a 0.5 mg dose and 14.7lbs on a 0.25 mg dose compared with a 4.8lbs loss in the placebo group. All participants were instructed to follow a diet with a 300 kcal deficit and to increase their physical activity gradually to 30-60 minutes of exercise per day.

Patients being treated with tesofensine also displayed the following positive results:

  • Improved levels of insulin sensitivity, higher metabolism of glucose, potentially suitable for patients at risk from type II diabetes.
  • Reduction in appetite sensations within a 14-day period, greater level of satiety and less desire to eat.
  • After 14 days, a significant increase in energy expenditure at rest of 6% was observed. This increase was directly linked to tesofensine and any external factors were excluded as possible causes.
  • Significant increase in fat oxidation and reduction in fat tissue. The 24-hour fat oxidation increased by 15% and there was a reduction in protein oxidation.

Phase 3 study 

This study was a 24-week double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. It was designed to investigate the efficacy and safety of 0.25mg and 0.50 mg oral tesofensine compared to placebo in 372 obese patients. 

Tesofensine Outcome & Benefits

The following are possible outcomes and benefits for individuals using tesofensine:

  • Decrease in body weight and reduction in BMI
  • Improvements in waist and hip circumference
  • Decreased body fat
  • Decreased visceral fat
  • Decreased very-low-density lipoprotein & triglycerides
  • Decreased insulin 
  • Better regulation of glucose metabolism

Potential of reversing early type 2 diabetes

In general, tesofensine is very well tolerated with few adverse effects and very similar to placebo. When measuring cardiovascular effects, a low but statically significant increase in heart rate was noted but no significant effect on blood pressure at any of the doses tested.

The combined clinical safety database from more than 20 clinical trials with tesofensine now contains approximately 1,600 patients taking a therapeutic dose for up to a year, providing robust safety data. It has been given FDA approval as an orphan drug.

Potential Side Effects of Tesofensine

  • The side effects of tesofensine are similar to other currently approved diet pills and weight loss medications.
  • In recent trials, side effects such as dry mouth, insomnia, tachycardia, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and increases in heart rate were recorded.
  • Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about medical weight loss.


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Fwd: Rapamycin aka Sirolimus replaces Epitalon

What is rapamycin?

Rapamycin, also known as sirolimus or under the brand names Rapamune and Fyarro, is a prescription medication that helps suppress and regulate the immune system. It’s used to treat tumor-based cancers, prevent organ rejection in kidney transplant patients, and coat stents implanted in heart disease patients. 

Studies have also demonstrated that rapamycin may help increase the lifespan and health of elderly people, although more research needs to be done before it’s approved for these uses (Li, 2014).

How does rapamycin work?

Rapamycin blocks cells from growing and multiplying, making it an effective drug to prevent cancer cells from spreading. It also suppresses the immune system of kidney transplant patients to keep the body from rejecting the donor kidney (Hardinger, 2021). 

The drug is able to hinder cell growth by promoting the inhibition of mTOR, which stands for mammalian target of rapamycin. mTOR is a signaling pathway that plays a big role in cell synthesis and metabolism, and rapamycin interrupts it (Selvarani, 2021). 

Since the mTOR pathway is involved in the formation of many health issues (including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease), rapamycin can potentially help treat these conditions. 

What is rapamycin used for?

Rapamycin was originally investigated as an antifungal drug. It’s now used primarily as an anti-tumor and immunosuppressive drug. Here are its FDA-approved uses (Selvarani, 2021): 

Cancer treatment: Because rapamycin is able to stop cells from growing and multiplying, it is used to treat particular types of tumors in cancer patients. The brand name Fyarro is the rapamycin drug designed for this purpose.

Kidney transplant: Rapamycin is often given in combination with multiple other drugs to help suppress a person’s immune system after they’ve received a kidney organ transplant. This helps prevent the person’s own immune system from perceiving the transplanted kidney as a threat and rejecting it (Hardinger, 2021).

Cardiac patients: This medication is also used to coat stents, which are used to prop open blocked arteries in cardiac patients. 

Aging skin: causes, procedures and anti-aging skincare

Wrinkles and aging skin 

Last updated: Oct 25, 2021 

7 min read

Rapamycin for anti-aging

There’s also some evidence that rapamycin may promote a longer and healthier lifespan. But how could rapamycin do something as far-fetched as lengthening life? 

It comes back to that mTOR pathway (the one rapamycin blocks). Blocking this pathway prompts a process called autophagy, where the body is able to clean up broken and damaged cell parts at a faster rate. 

This means rapamycin has the potential to extend life by preventing aging, cell death, and dysfunction of organ systems (Li, 2014). So far one of the few tools we know reliably increases longevity is fasting, which does so by also blocking the mTOR pathway (Escobar, 2019). 

As exciting as this all may be, most studies on this have been done on mouse models. We’ll need more clinical trials in humans before rapamycin can be recommended for anti-aging (Kaeberlein, 2019; Quarles, 2020).

There are things you can do on your own as well to promote longevity like eating a diverse diet rich in nutrients and getting regular exercise.

Rapamycin side effects 

There are several possible side effects of rapamycin. Most are mild, but some can be significant or even life-threatening.

Some adverse reactions include (FDA, 2021; PDR, 2022):

  • Sore or inflamed mouth
  • Weakened immune system
  • Anemia and fatigue
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Elevated cholesterol or lipid levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Swollen hands and feet

Less frequently, people experience more serious side effects, such as (PDR, 2022): 

  • Blood clots 
  • Stroke or pulmonary embolism
  • Blood clotting problems

Thymulin replaces TA1 as anti inflammatory and autoimmune disease fighter

Subject: Thymulin replaces TA1 as anti inflammatory and autoimmune disease fighter

Pro and Anti Inflammatory Cytokines: Thymulin Peptide

by Endless Vitality | Jul 25, 2022 | Immune System | 0 comments

There are a number of pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines, which are proteins that help to mediate the immune response. One such cytokine is thymulin peptide, which has both pro- and anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Cytokine?

A cytokine is a protein that helps to mediate the immune response. There are a number of different types of cytokines, each with its own specific function.

Thymulin peptide is just one type of cytokine. It has both pro- and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a valuable tool in the fight against obesity and other inflammatory conditions.

If you think thymulin peptide may be right for you, speak with a medical professional to learn more.

Cytokin Storm

What is the Function of Cytokines in Weight Loss?

Cytokines are proteins that act as signaling molecules in the immune system. They help to regulate the activity of various cells, including T-cells, B-cells, and macrophages. Cytokines can be either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. Pro-inflammatory cytokines help to promote inflammation, while anti-inflammatory cytokines help to reduce it.

What is Thymulin?

Thymulin peptide is produced by the thymus gland and plays a role in the development of T-cells, which are important for the immune response. Thymulin peptide has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation in a number of studies.

While thymulin peptide has shown to be effective in reducing inflammation, it is important to note that it is not a cure-all for all inflammatory conditions. It is important to speak with a medical professional before beginning any new treatment, especially if you have an existing medical condition.

How Does Thymulin Work?

Thymulin works by binding to a receptor on the surface of T-cells. This binding activates the T-cell, which then begins to produce other cytokines that help to regulate the immune response.

What are the Benefits of Thymulin?

Thymulin has a number of benefits, including:

  • Helping to regulate the immune response
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping to prevent autoimmune diseases

How do Thymulin Peptides help with Weight Loss?

Thymulin peptide has both pro- and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a valuable tool in the fight against obesity. Pro-inflammatory cytokines help to promote inflammation, while anti-inflammatory cytokines help to reduce it.

In obesity, there is an imbalance of these two types of cytokines, which can lead to chronic inflammation. Thymulin peptide helps to restore this balance and reduce inflammation.

Semorlin with Glycine

  • Stimulates Growth Hormone Release
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery
  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Youthful Skin and Hair
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Semorlin with glycine offers a natural growth hormone release alternative. By harnessing the power of glycine, an amino acid with numerous health benefits, our formula provides a safer and more sustainable approach to enhancing growth hormone levels.
  • Unlike synthetic compounds, Semorlin with glycine works synergistically with your body's own mechanisms, promoting balanced hormone production without the potential risks associated with artificial substances. Experience the difference with Semorlin and unlock your body's full potential, naturally.


If you are struggling with obesity and are looking for a new way to lose weight, thymulin peptide may be worth considering.

Fwd: LGD 4033 replaces and actually crushes MK-677

Subject: LGD 4033 replaces and actually crushes MK-677

LGD 4033 is currently being researched by Viking Therapeutics Research which is currently testing the drug for muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. LGD-4033 is manufactured in a non-aromatic formulation which makes it a lot safer than anabolic steroids. Click Here to Buy Ligandrol Lgd 4033 SARM

After anabolic steroids, Sarms have taken their place which is similar compounds but with a slightly different approach. Ligandrol is available from the online market in many forms and that’s what worries many bodybuilders if they should buy LGD 4033 or not.

It’s not a bad idea about being a competitive sportsman or wrestler, everybody is striving for that and most of them have been already been using steroids of different types . Sarms are synthetic and obnoxious androgenic compounds that exhibit the same effect as a steroid but with fewer or no side effects. The absence of side effects with the Sarms cycle makes you question its actual use.

About LGD 4033 Sarm

Ligandrol or LGD-4033 is a research compound from Ligand Pharmaceuticals which is designed to overcome muscle waste or muscle deficiency in people. Because of its excessive efficacy, bodybuilders and athletes also use this compound for competitive advantages.

Steroids pose threats to the entire body whereas Sarms are tissue-selective that only target muscle cell androgen receptors specifically during their cycle. Acting in such a way isn’t harmful to the live organs, LGD-4033 is still under research and FDA hasn’t approved the drug for personal use.

How does LGD 4033 Work?

Ligandrol Sarm exhibits a selective androgen binding ability which makes it more like anabolic steroids for muscles. Ligandrol LGD 4033 is currently being researched as a muscle bulk enhancer mainly because it promotes the strength and development of skeletal muscle tissues.

LGD 4033 results from Reddit show the compound is non-aromatic which makes it a good choice if the user doesn’t want estrogen dominance to happen. The accumulation of estrogen in men gives birth to extra water retention under muscle tissue which isn’t alright if you are looking for an extra ripped and muscular physique.

Sarms were designed to act like steroids but they show a lack of side effects, which is why Ligandrol is an excellent Sarm for bulking as well as for losing stubborn fats. Some Sarms are used to control cardiovascular conditions and LGD 4033 is one of them. There is no need for Post Cycle Therapy; Ligandrol PCT is optional which totally depends on the testosterone suppression intensity. Most Sarms users are given PCT supplements to replenish the healthy T-Levels because some of them show testosterone suppression effect after the cycle.

LGD 4033 Benefits Explained

There are so many benefits from using Ligandrol but some benefits definitely are more prominent than others.

Almost up to 4 KG Increased Muscle Mass in 30 Days

Because of LGD-4033 quick binding ability, users of this Sarm will experience anabolic effects sooner than normal. This goes with saying a person who is on Ligandrol may gain up to 4 kg lean muscle mass but that should be also paired with exercise.

Protect Bones and Muscles against Injury

Studied and proven right as the 2nd best LGD 4033 result, Viking Pharmaceuticals proved that Ligandrol is helpful in the recovery process, especially in older individuals who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or those who suffered from femoral neck fracture. This study also confirms that Ligandrol is the ultimate drug for cancer patients who’ve lost a significant amount of muscle mass.  

LGD 4033 Increases Endurance

This is probably the reason why many bodybuilders in 2023 are choosing Ligandrol as the bodybuilding aid. LGD 4033 is the best Sarm for indoor training sessions which improves endurance and strength three times more than other Sarms.  

Ligandrol 4033 Cycle

LGD-4033 users claim this is the most fun-to-use Sarm. Ligandrol shares a half-life of 24 hours which means you only have to take it once daily and do not rely on multiple intakes. LGD 4033 Sarm is also used by men and women both but their cycle should be modified accordingly.

The usual timing for Ligandrol intake is 30 minutes before workout or training sessions. The onset of action is about 40 minutes under which users will notice drastic changes in energy levels.

The usual dose of LGD 4033 for the best results is 5-10 mg daily; this is the dosage for men. The cycle duration is around 6-10 weeks, if you are a beginner then you should start with the minimum cycle length. Females should take Ligandrol in half the dosage as men for maximum 8 weeks time period. The ideal dosage of Ligandrol for females is around 2.5-5 mg daily.

LGD 4033 Bodybuilding Cycle

It’s interesting how Ligandrol affects lean muscle generation during the bulking cycle, even in small doses. For the bulk production in the body, users must perform a whole 8 weeks cycle of Ligandrol. The first few results will be noticed in 4 weeks after which the strength levels shall be observed prominently.

If you have already lean muscle mass, LGD 4033 will tend to preserve them from the inside; this extraordinary result is also seen within 4 weeks. This cycle is continued for more 4 than weeks and if you experience ups and down with testosterone production, PCT is the easy option.

To improve LGD 4033 results furthermore, it is recommended to take plenty amount of protein-based diet and avoid any food with an extra amount of sugar or Trans fat in it.

LGD 4033 Fat Burning Cycle

Ligandrol is indeed a purely bulking Sarm but it has some positive effects on the fat-burning cycle. While LGD 4033 is a lean muscle enhancer, it also allows the body to avoid the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

For the best results like weight loss using Ligandrol, some experts suggest that you should pair it with other Sarms. In this case, Cardarine, Stenabolic, or Andarine can do the tricks. The stack should be used with a minimum LGD 4033 dosage and a lesser cycle length.

For men - 5mg once a day, with a cycle length of 8-10 weeks.

For women - 3 mg once a day, with a cycle length of 6-8 weeks.

PCT after LGD 4033

SARMs affect the normal testosterone production in the body even if they are used in a little amount. PCT is the only option that can replenish the lost T-levels. Again, it depends on you whether you want to go for Post Cycle Therapy or some other way to treat the dropped testosterone levels. Athletes who use Ligandrol as a performance aid start the herbal therapy after completing LGD 4033 cycle while some take the best testosterone boosters available on the market.

The depletion of testosterone hormone depends on the consumption of the Ligandrol dosage. If you have taken the minimum cycle dosage of Ligandrol, there is a very less chance you may encounter the testosterone suppression effect. That’s because Ligandrol affects the body’s ability to produce testosterone hormone which is more like what anabolic steroids would do. This is why taking vitamins and other PCT supplements is mandatory after the cycle is done.

LGD 4033 Cycle for Women

Unlike anabolic steroids, Sarms like Ligandrol are deemed suitable for women but they shouldn’t be used for more than 8 weeks. The dosage shall not be taken more than 5 mg per day either. Ligandrol is the most anabolic-exerting Sarm which isn’t being studied enough so, in case of any abnormal effects like Virilization, women should discontinue its use.

LGD 4033 Results Before and After

As a bodybuilding Sarm, hundreds of bodybuilders shared their reviews about Ligandrol results. You can say 40%b of the users found LGD 4033 useful for their bodybuilding objectives while the remaining stopped LGD 4033 use because of the side effects.

Once again, LGD 4033 results vary from person to person which also depends on the workout sessions and dietary intake. Some people manage to have the ideal types of diet while some have the accurate workout timings which suit the supplement. For someone who can target their muscles well during the workout, they might be experiencing vigorous improvements in no time.

The first LGD 4033 result that many users experienced is the great elevation in strength levels which appears at the early stages of the cycle. Increased muscle mass follows this as the person begins to see improvements in pumps and visible changes in body composition.

Taking the safety measures during the Ligandrol cycle, users who started with only 5 mg dose for 8 weeks straight, successfully avoided the loss of libido, testosterone suppression, and depression-like side effects which are common with Ligandrol use.

Overall, LGD 4033 results indicate that you will gain up to 34 lbs of muscle and fat during the first 8-week cycle. Taking higher Ligandrol dosage results in unwanted side effects which is low libido, fatigue, headaches, and dry mouth.

LGD 4033 Side Effects

If you search for the reddit reviews about the Ligandrol cycle and other bodybuilding forums, you may find there are no such adverse reactions to using Ligandrol Sarm. But since it's one of the most potent Sarm, its dosage should be monitored carefully. Even any compound in excessive quantity can be fatal to human health.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are known for binding with androgen receptors directly in the muscle tissue without harming the liver. This isn’t being proven by any authentic studies but you have to take the chance somehow.

The real ligandrol side effects experienced by most people are suppression of testosterone hormone which mainly occurs in males. There is migraine, and dry mouth episodes a person experience after taking LGD 4033 for over 3 months.

How to Find the LGD 4033 of the Best Quality?

The availability of Ligandrol is known by many people since 2015 but as an investigational Sarm, nobody tried to use it before. That’s also because Ligandrol had many variants available from which it was hard to find the right one from the legit source. If you have purchased LGD 4033 and it's not of the right quality, you may return it or not use it in the future simply because it might be too dangerous.

Consumers shall look upon the reviews of the source they are buying LGD 4033 from and make sure they buy the risk-free Sarm. Every user should ask the retailer whether they have been tested for quality, and do not believe in the reviews as they might be paid.

LIGAN 4033 - Ligandrol SARM Alternative

After knowing about every mechanism of LGD 4033 Sarm, one would predict the intensity of the side effects a person has to tolerate. You wouldn’t see everyday supplements like Ligandrol with 0 side effects, but in 2023 some remarkable approaches resemble the LGD 4033 Sarm and are perfectly natural.

Crazy Bulk is the manufacturer of legal supplements and in their line, they introduced LIGAN 4033 as the legal alternative to Ligandrol. CrazyBulk has a wide range of Sarms and Steroids alternatives which encourage the users to turn to legal options instead of buying dangerous anabolic compounds.

LIGAN 4033 is a natural substitute for LGD 4033 Sarm which is packed with natural ingredients that do not work like the real Sarms. Instead, LIGAN 4033 has a distinct approach that allows users to get the maximum LGD 4033-like results within 3-4 months.

Here are some benefits of LIGAN 4033 listed which are posted by thousands of newbie and professional bodybuilders around the world.

  • Heightened Testosterone Levels
  • Enhanced Workout Skills
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Muscle and Bone’s Strength
  • Preserve Lean Mass
  • Obliterate Unwanted Fat

Can You Buy LIGAN 4033 for Sale?

Sarms like Ligandrol shouldn’t be ordered online and most of the websites that you use to buy Sarms aren’t reliable. Whereas, buying LIGAN 4033 is completely legal because of the reliable and trustworthy online website. Ligandrol alternatives in 2023 are easy to find because they have been tested by thousands of users around the world.

Ligandrol isn’t approved by the FDA for normal use but you can purchase its legal alternatives without requiring any prescription stating a physical illness. You can visit CrazyBulk's official page and find the information you need to know about the best LGD 4033 alternative in 2023.

LGD 4033 before and After Results Conclusion

If you want to know more about Ligandrol Sarm, there are plenty of web pages, bodybuilding forums, and medical guiding blogs that can help you to get a full picture of how LGD 4033 Sarm actually works. Ligandrol is the ultimate Sarm for lean body mass and strength but the side effects cannot go unseen.

Buying Ligandrol LGD 4033 is a hectic process that doesn’t guarantee whether you will find a quality product. LGD 4033 is still labeled as an investigational drug that is applied only to those having serious medical conditions. It would be careless if you ignore the side effects of Ligandrol and use it for a prolonged duration.

As a strong recommendation against Sarms use, buying Sarm alternatives instead is a safer journey for bodybuilders, especially those who just got started and don’t want any risks to be involved.

ARA-290 peptide is a healer replaces BPC 157

Subject: ARA-290 peptide is a healer replaces BPC 157

ARA 290 is a nonhematopoietic peptide that's derived from erythropoietin. 

It's also known as pyroglutamate helix B surface peptide.

ARA 290 is made up of 11 amino acids.

It interacts with the innate repair receptor, which protects tissue. It's been shown to be effective in preclinical and clinical studies of: 

Metabolic control, Neuropathy.

ARA 290 has analgesic and tissue protective effects in many diseases, including: 

Diabetes, Cancer, Sarcoidosis.

ARA 290 has also been shown to:

  • Relieve pathophysiological pain
  • Reduce systemic inflammation
  • Ameliorate chronic stress-induced depression-like behavior and inflammation in mice

ARA 290 activates the innate repair receptor, which:

  • Antagonizes inflammatory processes
  • Stimulates tissue repair

Performance Enhancement

Are you seeking that extra edge to build muscle or achieve a lean physique? At Radiant Revival Aesthetics & Weight Loss Clinic, our range of peptides can promote muscle recovery, increase stamina, and offer various anti-aging benefits. These peptides also stimulate the body's natural production of growth hormones, leading to:

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Improved Muscle Recovery
  • Elevated Energy Levels

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our performance enhancements.

A person is holding a syringe in their hand.


Peptide Therapy is suitable for everyone, with benefits in various areas. To access peptides, a prescription from a medical provider is required, as they originate from FDA-regulated compounding pharmacies in the United States. There are different types of peptides, and your prescription will be shipped directly to your home from the compounding pharmacy.